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About SCAR

The Stonnall Campaign About Roads (SCAR) group was formed in April 1995 by residents of Stonnall and surrounding areas, originally to oppose the building of the Brownhills Eastern Byepass. The mandate of SCAR has since been exteneded by it's members to encompass all road related matters that will affect the area. The proposed byepass was one element of the Brownhills Transport package, designed by Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council to regenerate Brownhills town centre. Whilst SCAR and the people of Stonnall do support and encourage the regeneration plan, the Eastern Byepass could not be supported due to the massive impact and unneccesary damage to the environment and permanant loss of greenbelt land.

A key milestone for SCAR was the formation of the company limited by guarantee, this give SCAR a formal structure in addition the protection of its members. By becoming a member SCAR can demonstrate it has the full backing and support of the village, membership currently stands at over 500 memebers - a fantastic achievement of which we are proud and grateful. However we cannot become complacent, and continue to grow our membership at every opportunity. If you are interested joining the group a memebership application form is available from the "Contact Us" section, alternatively by contacting any memeber of the group.

Further support for the group has been given by Campaign to Protect Rural England, Friends of the Earth as well as local councillors. SCAR has seen excellent publicity and is now regarded as a credible organision on road related mattters, it views and opinions are regularly sought after and have made a considerable contribution to the current Neighbourhood Plan.
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